Asphalt Milling

 Asphalt milling is the process of removing a portion of the depth of your parking lot or roadway.  Milling allows new pavement to be placed without having to disturb structures, curbs, sidewalks and other existing dimensions of your parking lot or roadway.  This process is achieved by using a machine called a cold planer that grinds the asphalt surface at a predetermined depth and placing the material via a conveyor directly into trucks.  The materials are then trucked to a recycling facility. The milling process provides a smooth surface for repaving.

Asphalt milling is an excellent choice for the parking lot or roadway owner who have areas that are showing moderate asphalt damage and want to prevent the cost of a full parking lot replacement or reclamation.  This procedure can also be used to correct drainage problems or issues in specific areas of your roadway or parking lot.   If asphalt milling may be an option for you, Shattuck Paving’s sales team and project managers are available to help with the best solution for your pavement needs.

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