Should I Sealcoat My Driveway? 6 Urgent Reasons To Do So

Shattuck Paving crew working on driveway paving and sealcoating

Real estate professionals have always said that the quality of a driveway has a significant impact on property value. This is why it is imperative for property owners to maintain their own. In doing so, should they choose to sell one day, it will not be too difficult for the property to create a good impression on potential buyers.

The nice appearance of a driveway is a direct reflection of its structural integrity. Therefore, the moment it starts showing wear and tear, it automatically indicates that driveway functionality is compromised.

The best maintenance solution for driveways is carried out during the installation process. When the driveway is built right, other maintenance efforts automatically become easy.

For example, we, at Shattuck Paving strongly recommend using sealcoat for driveways.

Although you need to re-apply sealcoat every two years or so, this can do so much in preventing a bunch of other issues that normally occur in bitumen or asphalt driveways. To provide you with a better idea of its importance, we have listed six reasons below to sealcoat your driveway.

1. Improves visual aesthetics

Sealcoating creates a more polished appearance for better curb appeal. The surface looks even in color as well as shiny. Additionally, sealcoating helps prevent ugly discoloration such as stains and line marks.

A seal coated driveway with a richer color provides a more appealing contrast to its surroundings. Turf looks greener and house paint somehow looks more vibrant because of it.

2. Saves you money in the long run

Replacing or repairing your driveway is not going to be cheap. But, if you sealcoat it as recommended by professional paving contractors, you can prevent major damages that may cost up to $120,000 in a matter of a 15-year period.

Asphalt driveways that are not maintained well typically have a lifespan of five to seven years. However, with regular maintenance and the periodic proper application of sealcoat, this lifespan can extend to 15 years and even more.

3. Protects your driveway from extreme weather conditions

Global warming is a serious environmental concern since it has managed to intensify the impact of weather disturbances. Temperature levels reach extremely high “highs” and low “lows.” Severe temperature fluctuations can damage driveways but sealcoating can help prevent this from happening.

Sealcoating will slow down the oxidation the sun causes. Oxidation ages asphalt pavements faster, but sealcoating can prevent that from happening. It works similarly to sunscreen when protecting the skin to delay the onset of the different signs of aging. Sealcoating blocks UV rays that cause oil to oxidize making the pavement quite brittle and prone to breaking or cracking.

According to the Weather Bureau, El Nino will be a serious problem next year. The whole country should prepare for not only a longer summer but also intensely hot days. Therefore, if your asphalt driveway is not seal coated yet, the smart move to make is to have it seal coated soon in preparation for another bout with El Nino.

4. Makes it easier to keep the driveway clean

The Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association points out that sealcoating actually makes it easier for property owners to keep their driveways clean. Since sealcoat creates a smoother surface, dirt and other types of debris are prevented from embedding into the pavement.

In addition to this, sealcoating your driveway will make sweeping easier because it is less physically tiring to work a broom on a smooth surface.

5. Reinforces repair work

Sealcoat works as a protective barrier. Therefore, if you had to fill cracks and holes in your driveway, it is imperative to apply a sealcoat over them to reinforce them. By doing so, you can reduce the likelihood of having to repair the same problematic areas over and over again.

6. Protects the driveway from corrosive elements

Motor oil, de-icing chemicals, and anti-freeze are just a few of the substances that end up in driveways. Letting these sit on the pavement can leave surface damages.

Not only that, if your driveway is not seal coated, even if you try to get rid of these substances, they can leave behind a residue that is toxic to wildlife and may also make your property susceptible to fire. If your driveway has motor oil stains, somebody throwing a lit cigarette butt to it may set your property aflame.

Ensuring the Benefits of Sealcoating

You can enjoy all the benefits sealcoating promises only if you make sure that it is applied properly. So be sure to hire the best driveway contractors for the job. Not only do they know the best products to use, but they also have perfect techniques for driveway installation and sealcoat application.

Shattuck Paving is the trusted asphalt paving company in New Hampshire.

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