8 Reasons Why High-Quality Commercial Paving Is a Must

Fresh asphalt road fronting residential property

If you own a large, independent retail store, a restaurant, or a rental commercial building, a parking lot with high-quality paving is a necessity.

A parking lot or open-space pavement may not be the main reason why customers will patronize your business, but it can easily be one of the main factors that could turn them away if it is not well-maintained. You would not want your customers to be inconvenienced by potholes and cracks on your driveway and parking lot during their first or succeeding visits.

You need to hire reputable asphalt paving contractors for your commercial space if you want to ensure customer satisfaction. Here are eight excellent reasons why top-notch paving work by these professionals is essential to your company’s success.

1. Quality paving helps you make a good first impression.

As the saying goes: First impressions last. Before customers have a direct experience of your services, and of the quality of the products you are selling, they are likely to experience driving up to your store or office and walking up to your door first. They will immediately form an opinion about your facilities based on how conveniently they will be able to drive around, park and walk in the space.

Regardless of whether you have a newly opened business establishment or you have already been operating your business for several years, you always need to prioritize the convenience of your customers. From the time the customers park to the time they leave your shop, you should ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

2. It helps you gain a greater competitive edge.

Having high-quality paving is the key to your customers’ positive experience. If the customers are satisfied, they are likely to come back and recommend your place to others. Finding a good, free parking lot in a highly urbanized city is a problem. You will have the competitive edge if your establishment offers free, smooth and easy-access parking.

3. It brings added value to the establishment.

The time and money that your customers will save on parking will definitely add value to your establishment. For instance, if you are operating a restaurant in a crowded city, an exclusive, customers-only parking area can make your customers more willing to pay premium prices on food.

Aside from the added value from the willingness of customers to pay more for the products or services offered, the actual market value of your property will also increase. You can use your commercial property for better financial leverage if you want to secure loans from banks or if you want to sell the property.

4. Your location becomes more attractive to potential tenants.

If you own a rental commercial building or a multistory residential building, you are likely to attract more tenants if your property has high-quality paving.

Tenants will benefit from the increased accessibility. The open space can also be used for other purposes other than parking. For instance, it may be used for social gathering or parties.

5. You can enjoy lower maintenance costs.

High-quality commercial paving will help you save on commercial property maintenance. Instead of repaving or reseal-coating every year, you may only need to repave every five years or more.

The quality of paving is not only about the pavement material used (asphalt, concrete, stones, etc.) but also about the quality of work. The process of paving involves several steps that require skills and careful planning. It typically involves assessing the type of soil, and compacting and laying the base. If your property is located on a sloping terrain, paving it will be a bit more challenging.

6. You are sure to use recyclable materials.

If the paving for your commercial property is well-made, it can contribute to environmental sustainability. This is particularly true for asphalt paving because it can be recycled. The old material can be re-melted and re-mixed into a new batch.

If you use other materials like stones or concrete, these can still be re-used for other purposes, like landfills. These materials can be removed, grounded up and compacted on top of the soil.

Asphalt itself can be made from other petroleum-based materials like car tires, glass and plastic. You can help minimize solid waste if you use asphalt.

7. Good paving helps reduce urban heat.

Concrete pavements have relatively low water permeability and they also absorb and retain significant amount of heat from the sun’s rays. These characteristics contribute to heat islands and urban heat pollution.

Other materials such as asphalt and interlocking concrete pavers are good alternatives to concrete pavements, reducing heat retention. Some paving materials allow a significant amount of water to seep into the soil and also reflect heat from the sun.

8. Professionally done paving prevents soil erosion.

Finally, if your establishment is located on an area with sloping terrain, the rate of soil erosion can be mitigated by good paving. The impact of heavy rain can be absorbed by the pavement while still allowing some of the water to seep through.

If properly constructed, the foundation of your pavement can act as multi-tiered barriers that will hold the soil in place. Catastrophic landslides can also be prevented in this manner. It is possible to maintain some trees around your paved property as part of the landscape design and also to aid in soil erosion prevention.

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